18 June 2009

I'm looking for a hard-headed woman...

A co-worker who shall remain nameless has taken to riding -- as often as possible -- a very nice bike she calls "Myrtle." It even has a little bell. However, because she rides on the sidewalk and stays mostly in her neighborhood, she refuses to wear a helmet since, as she argues, a helmet (especially those aerodynamic ones so popular with the kids!) just "wouldn't go with Myrtle."

"Safety first," we say.

Right, Sister?


  1. Somebody, please, invent something for old women bike riders - say a helmet with a lovely straw hat look. Necessity - the mother of invention.

  2. "Most bike accidents occur within a few blocks of home." I know a family on our street that did no outfit their kid with a bike helmet when riding a tricycle. Until, he took a tumble, knocked himself out and got six stitches. And while he was being closely supervised. Get with it sister. Wear the helmet.