08 June 2009

Not that I'm counting, but...

...the trials and tribulations facing a department chair at this time of year (i.e., cleaning up messes made by any number of folk -- including myself -- during the Spring semester and, indeed, all year long), encourage me to look ahead:

Only 449 more days until my term ends.


  1. On what I thought was an unrelated point, I sent Darlene, our departmental secretary, a copy of my most recent favorite song, "The End," from John Wesley Harding's new cd, _Who Was Changed and Who was Dead_.

    She immediately made a connection between the song and the above calculation.

    Listen to the song here:


    Staffers --- they're ASTUTE!

  2. It started out sounding like we might be 'singing along with the second amendment' again... "In a land with a bang and a land with a gun..." OK OK... "The End"

  3. I'm partial to:

    "It'll end with a cookie that comes with the check"


    "It'll end with a simile -- like a goodbye."