24 November 2015

Sinatra Music Marathon, 12/12/15


Sinatra Centennial

Music Marathon

Saturday, 12/12/15

Midnight-11:59 PM

WFCS 107.7 FM

Calling Dr. Freud! Calling Dr. Freud!

Last night I had a dream. I was the son of Rob Petrie.  Yes, the Rob Petrie from The Dick Van Dyke Show.  But I wasn't Richie Petrie, or, if I was, I was an older Richie Petrie because in my dream I'm pitching a comic musical skit to my dad for Alan Brady, the mercurial star of The Alan Brady Show. 

(And, no, I definitely wasn't staff writer Buddy or Sally.)

Anyway, the song for the skit is Frank Loesser's duet "Baby, It's Cold Outside."  As usual, the guy is trying to get his gal to stay with him, despite her protestations that she "really must go,"  because... well "... it's cold outside."

The Alan Brady Show twist here is that, while Alan is Alan, the woman is Joan of Arc (played by my mom, Laura Petrie), in full battle armor.

Lots of clanking, pratfalls, and at least one close call with a mace ensue.

I woke up before I heard my dad's response.  Do you think it'll make the show?

Help me, Doctor!

Day 196: Sinatra Centennial Memorabilia Celebration