19 May 2013

My Top 25+ All-Time Favorite Cincinnati Reds Players

29    Brandon Phillips

28    Jim Maloney

27    Ernie Lombardi

26    Barry Larkin


25    Tommy Helms

24    Johnny Cueto

23    Ken Griffey

22    Jose Rijo

21    Tom Browning

20    Bernie Carbo

19     Aroldis Chapman

18     Cesar Geronimo

17     Joe Nuxhall

16     Davey Concepcion

15     Don Gullett

14     Lee May

13     Eric Davis

12     Vada Pinson

11     Chris Sabo

10     Johnny Vander Meer

9       Ted Kluszewski

8       Bobby Tolan

7       Joey Votto

6       George Foster

5       Frank Robinson

4       Joe Morgan

3       Tony Perez

2       Johnny Bench

1       Pete Rose

This list does not include Sparky Anderson (since he was a manager), Tom Seaver (since he'll always be a Met), Bronson Aroyo (since he'll always be a Red Sock), or Ken Griffey, Jr. (since he's still on my all-time injured reserve list) -- despite my liking them each very much. 

Active players are in bold.   (N.B.: Joey Votto has a viable shot to break well into the top 5 by the time his career comes to an end.)

15 May 2013

Random facebook posts

Gilbert Gigliotti

is thinking of writing a satire of Connecticut, with the Bombeckian title, The Ella Grasso's Always Greener Over the Septic Tank.

is fiddling with prezi for the first time and is kinda gettin' seasick.

thinks, "Because, heaven knows, there's not one single funny woman capable of doing this job [late- night-talk-show]..." Really?

has decided to stop underestimating Christine McVie.

thinks Sergio Garcia has watched Tin Cup one too many times.

wonders if the host of HGTV's Income Property has ever told a nice couple about a bad house: "You'll never be able to rent it, but it would work nicely as a brothel."