06 December 2015

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (Connecticut Edition)

 Hey, CT residents, Nicholas M. Donofrio, the man who is the head of the Board of Regents for the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (ConnSCU), in response to faculty concern that actions by the ConnSCU system may jeopardize the access of all students to a strong liberal arts curriculum, actually said:

"No one argues about the need for a liberal arts base. Everyone needs to walk, talk, and chew gum at some point in time."


Don't the students of CT's largest university system deserve BETTER than this?! If this is what the ones in charge of higher education think about higher education, well then, as the Roman satirist Juvenal once asked, "Who will watch the watchmen?"

If you are justifiably concerned by such an attitude, contact the governor, your state senator, and/or representative.

See Mr. Donofrio's comment here at minute 32:00.

Day 208: Sinatra Centennial Memorabilia Celebration

Shameless Plug #2


02 December 2015

Day 204: Sinatra Centennial Memorabilia Celebration

Good to know other universities had the sense to 
host a Sinatra Centennial Film Fest, like CCSU!