17 May 2010

I have been a parent for 14+ years...

...and, if you add separately the second daughter, a total of 24+ years, and today I went to my very first sports competition that actually involved one of them, "The Hershey Track Competition" in New Britain.

Representing her elementary school, the younger daughter ran the girls' 200m. She didn't win, but she ran a fine race (steady and not petering out like some). The fact that she is just coming to the end of her 10th year and she was racing against 11- and 12-year-olds, some of whom seemed to have legs that reached up to her shoulders (!), didn't deter her.

I'm very proud of her and fairly certain that, if I had driven my car that far that quickly, I would've been tired.

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  1. Correction: She ran the 400m!

    (I'm winded just typing that distance.)