14 May 2010

I'm saddened by the cancellation of one of the great television series...

Law and Order (and I mean the original one not spin-offs like SUV, CI, etc...) by NBC.

However, given that, in the midst of our watching the most recent new episode this past Monday evening, both my wife and I commented on the number of actors they were re-using from the past (and NOT in recurrent roles).

We turned to each other and asked: "Are there really that few working actors in NYC that the producers need to re-use the guy from Perfect Strangers yet again?" Perhaps those working on the series are simply tired.

Looking back, the questions arise:

Were they always great shows? No.

Did some casts work much better than others? Yes.

Will I miss new episodes nonetheless? Definitely.

Well, we'll always have re-runs!

PS: If the original idea was to have a show that could be syndicated in two half-hour blocks (the first 30 minutes on the police investgation and then the next 30 minutes on the prosecution of the suspects), the show really should have been called "Order and Law."

1 comment:

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious?? It's gone??? *sniff* I never thought I'd be so sad...