05 May 2010

Softball Game #3

Score: a 13-3 loss (but fewest runs given up and most runs scored!)

I was on base twice, with a hit and a fielder's choice (most at basts in a game!)...final batting average .250!

Complete game loss, but with one strikeout!

Hit by a rocket line drive right back at me injuring me in the left shoulder region (and on the palm of my right hand trying to protect myself...I'm quite excited because it now looks like I have a pec (granted, only one, and a black and blue one at that, but a pec nonetheless)!


It was the final game because the two cancellations (see earlier post) won't be made up. Sad, though, we were just starting to come together as a team.

Cue: John Fogarty's "Centerfield"!

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