20 January 2013

The Top Ten Reasons I love my Manti-Te'o-Style Fake Girlfriend

10.  Her favorite expression is, "Catfish ain't nothin' but a seafood dish."

9.  She thinks Hunger Games are the sports world's equivalent of Feed the World.

8.  She prefers Dick to Jeremy Schaap.

7.  She doesn't even have a fake pet.

6.  She has a Hall of Fame Vote and every year only writes in "Pete Rose."

5.  She has seen even fewer Star Wars movies than I have.

4.  She believes Manti Te'o. 

3.  She loves the theatre but never comes late.

2.  Her Christmas tree is also still up.

And the Number One Reason I love my Manti-Te'o-Style Fake Girlfriend":

1.  She just admitted to doping with Lance Armstrong.

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