19 January 2013

Top Five Things I Learned While Watching "Stop Making Sense"...

...again for the first time since 1984:

5.  Chris Frantz (far left) looks just like "Luke" (below) from 
Modern Family.

4.  Despite several Fred Astaire allusions throughout the film, David Byrne probably would've been Danny Kaye 
if he had been born 40 years earlier.

3.  Tina Weymouth is still a way cool bassist.

2.  David Byrne's lead on "Once in a Lifetime" is among the Top 10 most compelling musical performances ever captured on film.  

1.  The "Big Suit" created by Gail Blacker should've at least been nominated for the Best Costume Oscar 
(if not winning outright over Amadeus). 

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