24 March 2010

Why the Cincinnati Bengals and three other teams were correct to vote against the new NFL Playoff overtime rule

1. The new rule is only for the playoffs not the regular season. What sport in its right mind changes the rules depending on when in the season the game is played? (Oh, that's right, Major League Baseball uses that stupid DH rule differently in the post-season...well, QED!)

2. No, it's not unfair that both sides do not automatically get a shot at being on offense in overtime. Each team has already had 60 minutes to win the game and couldn't. And now one of them is unlucky enough to lose a coin toss too? Tough.

3. Why is any way to score considered "cheap"? A field goal is no cheaper than a touchdown or a safety or even a point-after-touchdown? They are all legitimate ways of scoring in football, so each should be good enough to win.


  1. #3 is wrong: The combination of vastly improved field-goal accuracy in the past 20 years, plus the most recent couple of iterations of kickoff rule changes, have made it vastly easier to find yourself in field goal range. Compared to when the rules were set up, it is "cheap."

  2. If it's so cheap and, apparently, easy to do, why didn't one of the teams kick a(nother) field goal BEFORE the end of regulation?