02 March 2010

A modest proposal to speed along the workings of the state legislature....

...just make sure everyone in the hearing room, the legislators and those giving testimony, sits on the same uncomfortable chairs that those in the gallery do. If they do, those legislators are going to move things along far more quickly -- as will those reading their testimony.

No need for three-minute time limits then!

(This proposal stems from my 90-minute wait to testify today in Hartford about House Bill 5195 which will limit retirees to no more than six months' work after retirement, even on a part-time basis. This, of course, would make our hiring emeriti faculty impossible, which would be a real loss for our students. I agree that most state workers when they retire should stay retired; and I also believe that retired faculty should not be re-hired -- even for a brief time -- on a full-time basis. But to not take advantage of these faculty and their disciplinary expertise seems insane.)

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