01 March 2010

The Seven Deadly Sins: Sin #2 ENVY

People of whom I'm jealous (or the "what's [s]he got that I don't" whine) -- in no particular order (and certainly no particular objectivity either).

Tony Kornheiser
(even after being suspended by ESPN for making fun of Hannah Storm's clothes)

Neil Sedaka, singer/songwriter
(although he's not had a hit since the mid '70s, he did pen "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen")

Gina Barreca, Professor-cum-stand-up-comedian

Gig Young and/or Hector Elizondo, actors
(if you saw 'em you'd recognize 'em)

Gilbert Murray, classicist
(a fine, fine translator but, more importantly, the author of Poets in a Landscape)

who can tap dance

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