12 September 2009

The brand new Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center opens...

...in Old Saybrook, CT, and the opening act is....

(drum roll, please)

Pure Prairie League?

Hey, I'm as big a fan of "Amie" as the next guy, but if I were scheduling the opening night act at "The Kate" PPL wouldn't be high on the list.

Who knew Ms. Hepburn was a particularly big fan of country-rock?


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  2. Professor Gigliotti,
    I know, I know, there were other shows booked, it's just how it fell and what was available when we opened.
    Pure Prairie League was sold out though last night and the sound in the theater is amazing.
    We'd love to have you come by. What a line up we have going into late next spring.
    By the way I have to get a copy of your book, I am a huge Sinatra fan.

    Ann Nyberg,
    Trustee, Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center

  3. Thanks for your comments, Ms. Nyberg; I'm very glad it was a great concert! I really do appreciate the vagaries of scheduling -- and it's always easier to be snarky than to actually run a theatre. I indeed plan on attending a show at "The Kate" at some point with my family...what a great way to remember the late great Ms. Hepburn.

    And, if you buy a book, please let me know what you think, and, if you plan to schedule lectures at "The Kate" on pop culture figures of a certain era, keep me in mind ;)

  4. This is one superb venue.

    Speaking of superb, I just saw Pure Prairie League recently for the second time here.

    When this venue opened up and booked PPL as it's first act,some eyebrows were raised. Not for long though,as the the concert quickly sold out and the band received well deserved rave reviews.

    Someone certainly knew what they were doing, someone obviously was well aware of PPL's history and strong fan base over 40 years later.

    On November 12, 2011 I had the pleasure once again of attending another PPL sellout before a crowd that knows what great music is all about. I didn't think the band could exceed their prior performance, but they did just that with a sterling set of tunes by some amazingly talented musicians. The band has really opened up and brings forth an energy and excitement like it was the mid 70's.

    I've been to numerous shows here since opening night but PPL still sits at the top of my list. And you wil not meet a more fan friendly bunch.

    Thanks guys for an outstanding night of entertainment. See you soon I hope !

    Harold Krieger