12 September 2009

As a Pete Rose fan, I think Derek Jeter...

...is the one ballplayer I wouldn't mind seeing break Pete's all-time hits record of 4,256.


I'm no Yankees fan, but, from my watching his career, I think Jeter is very much like the player Rose was.


Because, like Rose, no one has ever considered him the most naturally talented player at his position or even on his team, but nevertheless he was Rookie of the Year, a past MVP, and is the Captain of his team.

Because he's achieved what he's achieved as a direct result of the way he approaches the game: he works at it constantly, wants to win every game, plays it as a team player, and hustles on every play on offense and defense.

Because he simply loves baseball.

I don't think he will break the record, even though he's reached Gehrig's total of 2,722 at a younger age than Rose did, but, if he did, I wouldn't complain too much.

(In the meantime, baseball writers, feel free to elect Peter Edward Rose to the Baseball Hall of Fame. If all players played the game as he did and Jeter does, baseball would still be America's Pastime,)

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