24 September 2009

Twitter Schwitter...Damon Runyon was doin' it in 1919

From Guys, Dolls, and Curveballs: Damon Runyon on Baseball, edited by Jim Reisler (Carroll and Graf, 2005):

In mid-1919 for no apparent reason, Runyon abandoned his traditional game story, turning his coverage into virtual short-hand -- loosely connected observations that took in the game, who showed up in the press box, and whatever else struck his fancy (387-391):

Two out. Baker doubled. Lewis beat out a poke. Pipp couldn't help. Easy bouncer to (Joe) Gedeon.

Ollie Chill, the limited edition of umps, worked behind the plate yesterday. Ollie is about as high as (catcher) Truck Hannah's belt buckle. Quiet day for Ollie.

Lower stand packed. Upper stand fairly well filled and both bleachers nicely populated yesterday. The firm of Colonel and Colonel did a lot of loose beaming.

Good ump, "Brick."

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