20 September 2009

I lied about not posting any more about "Pretty in Pink"

One more Pretty in Pink posting, although this really has nothing to do with the movie. I was very pleasantly surprised to run across one of my all-time favorite actresses, Margaret Colin, as the teacher in PIP. Why didn't she become a bigger star?

Here are my five favorite famous (or else, of course, my wife jumps to the top of any list!) brunettes -- in alphabetical order.

1. Margaret Colin (seen above as Margot Hughes, with husband Tom -- how cool was he?--, from As The World Turns in the early-to-mid 1980s)
2. Dana Delaney (in the China Beach years, although she seems to have red hair here)
3. Ava Gardner (no introduction necessary)
4. Lauren Graham (best fictional mom ever!)
5. Christine Lahti (in the Whose Life is it Anyway? days)

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