20 September 2009

Frank Sinatra + Noise = Everyone Else

While listening to my MP3 player as I cut the lawn today, I suddenly heard a version of "Summer Wind," the performer of which I couldn't determine. (On the one hand, that's not surprising because I have many versions of "Summer Wind" by other singers, but, on the other, it seemed odd because why would I put any of those on my player?) Puzzled, I checked, and, very much to my surprise, I discovered it was SINATRA'S version.

Wow, how'd I not recognize Frank?!

Then it dawned on me: all the "Frankensingers" sound like Sinatra only when you're listening to him through the noise of a running lawnmower engine. All the nuance, subtlety, and distinctiveness get washed out, and, there you have it, it's Frank no more...it's _______________________ (fill in your favorite Michael-Buble-like performer).

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