10 June 2009

Why the NBA is no better than Figure Skating

In an earlier post, I admitted that, while I like competitive figure skating, it's not a sport for a variety of reasons. Watching even bits of the NBA Finals strongly suggests proves that frequently professional basketball ain't much better.

Why? Because so much of the scoring (as in who gets to shoot free throws and, as a result, so often win) depends upon:

Who has the ball
Who is defending
When in the game it is
Where the game is being played (i.e., in which bloody city!)

If the same action in the same game can be called completely differently depending upon such factors as these then there might as well not be rules at all.

In baseball, the strike zone can vary from umpire to umpire, and even from league to league, but one ump tends to call his zone fairly consistently throughout any given game.

Not so in the NBA...too many refs seeing too many of the same things things in too different a way.

And how can .5 seconds take so long to pass? Hell, even a skater's long program is never that long!

PS: Let's see if Laker Pau Gasol can spin Kobe into the air and if Kobe can then land successfully while still be moving forward seamlessly...and, you know what, he'd still NOT be called for traveling because, well... because he's Kobe Bryant.

PSS: And tell me Gasol isn't related to Laker Head Coach Phil Jackson somehow?

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