20 June 2009

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's (Wooden) Door

A colleague of mine just returned from a tour of Israel with her mother. She mentioned that one of the stops along the way was in Nazareth, and it got me thinking about an industry there that is either wildly overpopulated or decidedly unrepresented: Carpentry.

Let's face it, the thing about Nazareth that's known worldwide by those who know nothing else about Nazareth is that a "carpenter's son" once hailed from there. So, if you're interested in carpentry, either you embrace the icon and open up a shop called "Joseph and Son" or "Wood from the Tree of David" and use such advertising slogans as:

"Our artisans are heavenly,"
"Your satisfaction is our cross to bear," or
"God, we're good!"

or you simply avoid the profession altogether. Right?

Oh, in case you're wondering, no, there'll be no nail jokes from me...

1 comment:

  1. Nazareth...? Try "Hair of the Dog". How about a college in upstate NY? Sister Spellchecker still checks the writing on the tunnel walls there.