17 June 2009

New Britain Public School Events for Students that I've attended (or to which I've driven a daughter or two) in the past eight weeks

Visit with a working poet to Room 28 at Holmes Elementary School

International Food/Culture Night (Holmes)

4th- and 5th-grade district-wide Spelling Bee (Smith Elementary School)

6th-, 7th-, and 8th-grade district-wide Spelling Bee (Slade Middle School)

Holmes Elementary School Singers/Instrumentalists Concert

Hall of Arts, Literature, and Science (HALS) Academy Concert

Superintendent's Book Club Dinner for elementary school students (NB Board of Ed offices)

Superintendent and Board of Education Recognition Night (NB Board of Ed offices)

Holmes Elementary School Science Fair

Room 28's Poetry Night (Holmes)

Presentation of Top 10 8th-grade Orations (HALS)

Annual Awards Ceremony (Holmes)*

Commencement (HALS)*

*Forthcoming next week

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