20 November 2012

Today in a nutshell

1.  My next sabbatical project, if (after being on the committee for two years) I ever have the nerve to apply again!, will either be a study of whether eating potato chips does in fact prevent yawning -- even in the face of yawns by others in the room OR a play A Long Day's Journey into Afternoon, a drama depicting the interactions of a sabbatical leave committee.  (Nota bene: the only yawning occurred during the breaks in-between the 28, yes, 28, interviews -- in 15-minute intervals.)

2.  I finally have the step that will allow me to proceed with my tap dance version of Richard III: shuffle-heel-change!

3. The brand new Shorter 8th Edition of the Norton Anthology of American Literature with older daughter's name in the acknowledgements (for winning Norton's Recitation Contest last year) arrives in office mail.

A good day!

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