25 November 2012

Our (at times) oxymoronic culture

1)  More students than ever require remedial math classes when they enter college, while the popularity of "rotisserie leagues" in football, baseball, etc., which require nothing but the pursuit and comprehension of statistical data, have made sports of all kinds more popular than ever.  Don't these fantasy league players realize it's math that they're doing before/during/after every game?

2)  We have the highest percentage of obese people in our country's history at the same time that, I'm betting, we have the highest percentage of people training for and participating in marathons, half-marathons, 5-Ks, etc..., not to mention more of these kinds of races than ever in our history. 

And while, I think, our split-personality in #2 can be explained by class and/or socio-economics (if those are different), the first one remains utterly inexplicable to me.   

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