25 November 2012

I probably was "Darrin Stephens" in another life...

...because I really like advertising.

Several years ago, I won lunch with the Chancellor and a t-shirt (!) in the Connecticut State University System's motto contest with:

CSU: Developing a State of Minds
(Nota bene: Now that CSU has become ConnSCU, heaven knows what we're developing with all those extra initials.)
I've also always believed that the Chamber of Commerce of a certain Cape Cod town could make not a little money selling hats, t-shits, and bumper stickers with the slogan:
I Gotta Mashpee!
And, as we were driving this Thanksgiving, I figured, in all the years since The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi (or in whatever Star Wars film the character debuted), in a Maryland town along I-95 someone must have already opened a little eatery/sandwich shop named:
The Joppa Hut
Then again, maybe not.

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