25 November 2012

I'm not going too much out on a limb, I'm bettin', by thinking that Lindsay Lohan's "Liz and Dick"

...is not going to be very good, and that even just a snippet of Gail Wronsky's "Cirque du Liz and Dick, Puerto Vallarta" (available in Ava Gardner: Touches of Venus) will be more enlightening -- and entertaining -- than the entire made-for-television movie!

So, here you go:

...Here it’s all La Vida no vale nada.
Life is worth nothing.
Part of her is sorry she became

a public utility.
Part of him wants to do Hamlet again.
But he feels closer to Claudius,

Marrying so quickly on top of the death
of the other marriage.  A woman
is like glass, they say here:

always in danger.
they’ve renamed the town Seething

They still have that feeling of antenna
a quivering contact with each other.
Above her head she poses

another spray of artificial roses,
making him think of a novelty rodeo act
he saw a very long time ago in Wales.










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