17 November 2012

My Top 7 Favorite (non-fiscal) Cliffs

All this talk about the "Fiscal Cliff" has made me think about my favorite cliffs.... (not including any "one-f" Clifs, btw)

7.  Clifford the Big Red Dog, but the books NOT the PBS television show (for which they had to move to Birdwell island why?)

6.  Cliffs Notes, which, if there were Cliffs Notes for CT Wit, you'd be done with this post by now!

5.  Jimmy Cliff, especially for his duet with Elvis Costello: "Seven-Day Weekend"

4.  Cliff Richard, especially the early Cliff Richard!

3.  Cliff Claven

2.  Cliff Robertson

and my favorite cliff?

1. "The White Cliffs of Dover" (Glenn Miller style!)

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