02 November 2012

My top 5 favorite drumming singers (singing drummers?)

5. Phil Collins
Sure, "Sussudio" is crap, as are his __________________, ___________________, and ______________, etc., but Phil is just such an earnest and likable bloke (as he proved when he was the sole performer at "Live Aid" to perform on BOTH sides of the Atlantic!), I feel bad if I didn't include him.

4. Ringo Starr
Granted, I like neither his ham-handed singing nor his similarly-subtle drumming, but he is a member of the Beatles, and he's the lead singer of "With a Little Help from My Friends," and, THAT, if nothing else, should place Richard Starkey/Billy Shears on anyone's list.

3. Don Henley
Certainly there are those who hate his solo work only a little less than his Eagles stuff (or vice versa!), but his paean to sustainability, "Last Resort," on Hotel California, not to mention "Not Enough Love in the World" (from Building the Perfect Beast) and "Heart of the Matter" (from The End of the Innocence) make us only love his self-important self-involvement more: "I was either standing in your shadow/ or blocking your light/ though I kept on trying/ I could not make it right/ for you, girl/ there's just not enough love in the world!"

2. Levon Helm
"Virgil Cain is my name..." and "I pulled into Nazareth feeling about half-past dead..."  Need I say more?

1. Karen Carpenter
Better singer than all of the guys put together and often drummed in what looked to be a prom dress!  "Top of the World," indeed!

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