04 November 2012

So, after watching "Saturday Night Live" clips that...

...various people have posted on facebook (and elsewhere), I've come to the (obvious perhaps to many others) conclusion that SNL was made for such sharing.  The viewer now can enjoy the funniest bits/skits without having to suffer (and, yes, that's precisely the word) through an entire episode. 
     It used to be the case that this viewer would simply aim at lasting through "Weekend Update" or the first performance by the musical guest because rarely were there any "gems" to be found after those points anyway, but now even that time commitment has become unnecessary.
     It's taken me this long perhaps to notice asect of SNL because -- "progress" be damned! -- I am still an appointment viewing kind of guy.  I LIKE watching something when it airs -- as opposed to catching up on it "On Demand."  I admit to turning to "On Demand" to watch old episodes of Law and Order since it's no longer in production, but give me my Good Wife on Sunday night, Parenthood on Tuesday, my Mad Men and Newsroom in whatever season the programmers' whim decrees, and my sporting events when they are live (be it the British Open at 4 AM or the World Series just a little earlier at 2).  And, no, I don't want to watch movies on anyone's phone.
     You can take the boy out of the '70s television paradigm, but you can't take the '70s television paradigm out of the boy!

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