11 February 2010

The Worst Snow Day EVER

1. School is cancelled at 5:30 AM due to the threat of blizzard-style snow and wind.

2. It doesn't begin to snow with any strength whatsoever until 2:00 PM, but one decided not to go anywhere* since one had heard the conistent refrain, "When it starts, it'll it hard!"

3. It never hits hard, so the girls don't go out sledding until 4:30 PM.

4. Dad snow-blows the ~5"of snow at 6:45 AM the next morning.

*I did in fact make a quick run at 10:00 AM to Best Buy for a computer problem, but the streets were so deserted that, as I emailed several people, it seemed as if there was a sniper on the roof. (One colleague mis-read that, and thought I said a "stripper" on the roof...which, at the time a) wouldn't have been noticed and b) wasn't even too cold for!)

1 comment:

  1. Actually, we didn't go out until 5. (: