23 February 2010

Canadian Ice Dancing Gold Medalists Virtue and Moir...

...have to be the cutest ice skating gold medalists since Dorothy Hamill!

And, what's even better is that, on the podium, they sang their national anthem with joy and gusto. (Compare them with Bode Miller, for example, who, as my wife pointed out, seemed not even to notice that the national anthem was being played -- much less convey any sense of significance to the fact.)


  1. Someone's got Bode-envy!

  2. An interesting thought, but, while I'm certainly not above envy, he's not anyone whom I'd envy. I'm not even envious of Apolo Ohno because his drive is something I can't even begin to fathom, and I do think -- for real envy to be at play -- one has to have something in common with the object of the envy.

    If I envy anybody Winter-Olympics-related it's probably Bob Costas. What's HE got that I don't?

    I now see a series of Lenten bloggings on the 7 deadly sins!

    Thanks for the idea.

  3. Maybe poor Bode doesn't know the words. I don't know if they have time to work it into the school day anymore.

    Back in my day, we sang along with a PA broadcasted recording of the SSB every morning right before saying the Pledge. (If we were lucky our 3rd grade teacher let us play the cymbals or triangle as accompaniment). I just asked my 3rd grader if they ever sing it at school. No to the SSB, but yes on the Pledge.

    I'm not surprised. They just eliminated music, art and gym due to funding issues. I guess the National Anthem, dodgeball and paper mache are mine to teach. Oy.