25 February 2010

On the inside of the door of the far left stall of the third-floor Willard Hall men's restroom...

...there's my second favorite piece of bathroom graffiti ever. It reads:

Toy Story 2
was okay

Now, while I certainly disagree with the lukewarm review of what I consider to be a great sequel to be ranked right up there with Godfather 2 and The New Testament, I heartily applaud the writer as someone who avoids the more obvious subject matter, diction, and tone usually associated with the genre. Bravo, I say.

For the record, my favorite piece of bathroom graffiti comes from the basement restroom of Marist Hall on the campus of The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. There was a note attached right above the toilet which read:

If toilet continues to run, jiggle the handel.

To which someone appended:

If I do, will it wiggle Bach?!

Ah, to be so witty!


  1. I'm a sucker for good bathroom etchings. "So Dark the Con of Man" showed up in one stall. The title of an album by a Norwegian "urban" musical group Madcon. Hit song, a remix of a Four Seasons / Fankie Valli tune "Beggin'"... I still think about the depth of that message.

  2. Clearly I am using the wrong public restrooms...