12 February 2010

Utterly Baseless Winter Olympics Predictions (algebra-based)

1) Norway and the United States will win as many total medals as Russia, Japan, and 2 x Sweden!

2) US Women will place no higher than fifth in figure skating.

3) There will continue to be no groundswell of support to bring back compulsories in figure skating (although there should be)!


  1. Oh, and:

    4) The Long Program in figure skating will continue to seem much too long.

  2. Okay, I was wrong on prediction #2: Mirai Nagasu placed fourth (which I'm quite pleased about because it may mean the days of "she hasn't been around long enough to win" may be over!).

    I wasn't far off with prediction #1: The US total medal count (37) did in fact equal Russia (15) plus 2 x Sweden (11). I was wrong only by Japan's 5, however!

    Three and four were right on the money.