18 February 2010

Some thoughts on the Winter Olympics

1. Just imagine how much "air" that the half-piper White could get, if he actually cut his hair and wore a uniform that was something approaching aerodynamic (you know, like they do in real sports)!

2. The aforesaid half-piper didn't even have to "drop in" a second time to win gold. Good god, how about averaging the scores of the two runs, at least?!!!

3. I think no new sports should be introduced into the Olympics that are not decided by measurements of time, distance, targets, or goals. This half-pipe stuff is just the x-game version of figure skating, of which, as readers of this blog know, I am critical -- not because of the undeniable athleticism (or even the ugly costumes or pointless music), but because of its absence of anything truly measurable. Once figure skating got rid of the compulsory round (literally, the figure 8s!), they created a monster that made a) newcomers unable to win and b) skaters so eager to do more and more big jumps that they can't even land 'em.

4. That downhill skier Vonn gets injured a lot, no? (She hurt her thumb opening a celebratory bottle of champagne at some point!) While she does win, she might want to consider a new line of work...just for her own safety.

5. EVERY athlete should be Apolo Ohno.

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