21 February 2010

Bode Miller Wins Gold! So bloody what?!

I know people (and the networks) love these stories of redemption, but I'm getting pretty tired of these phenoms (yeah, I'm talking about Lindsey Jacobellis, too, and let's throw in Dan Jansen, for good measure) who have all the skills and talent and opportunity in the world to win their first time out at the Olympics and fail (and fail badly at that!) -- NOT because they're beaten by better performers -- but because they implode on their own.

I guess I'm supposed to be pleased that, now that Bode's got a kid and is all "grown up" now, he can truly appreciate his sport and, as a result, succeed.

Well, yawn.

Please be clear: I'm not against losing and certainly not against immaturity (see any number of my Pete Rose posts), but my immature athletes had better produce!

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