16 February 2010

Television pilots to pitch to the HG Network

My wife and younger daughter have taken to watching a variety of shows on the HG Network (which means essentially they've taken to watching the same show only with several different titles and hosts: people look for places to buy or rent or remodel and we watch the negotiations/progress/setbacks).

Here are some shows I'd like to see on HG:

"Burning Down the House" -- Arsonists look at the difficulties in getting the job done on a variety of properties.

"The Big Bad Wolf" -- Which home won't withstand strong winds?

"Squatters' Rights" -- Track the actions of three different squatters an try to guess which one will avoid eviction.

1 comment:

  1. "The Untouchables" - Travel around the county with folks looking for homes in the price range they absolutely cannot afford. (Kinda like "Cribs" but no celebrities.)