05 January 2009

"Jobs Loss" Equals Stock Drop (and, no, we don't mean unemployment)

From the NY Times:

The good news:
Steve Jobs isn't dying; he just has a hormone imbalance. (Whew.)

The bad news: "People are spooked by these health reports because he is so important to Apple and is viewed as synonymous with the company by so many people,” said Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company.


The scary news: I'm reading about Steve Jobs' weight loss in the NY Times. Who do we think he is, Oprah?

The money, the weight loss, my disinterest all recall perhaps my favorite cruel, but decidedly smart, one-liner by the once-actually-funny Joan Rivers. In the wake of singer Karen Carpenter's death from anorexia, she cracked:

I'm sorry, I can't feel sorry for anyone who's thin enough to be buried in pleats.

In any case, I guess we can lay to rest (as it were) the old adage, "An Apple a day keeps the doctor..."

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