26 January 2009

A Chairman's "First Day of Classes Blues"

So, I now know I've been a 12-month Chairman too long (as opposed to holding a 10-month teaching position).

When I drove into the parking lot early this morning -- with PLENTY of spaces still available -- I was insulted that there weren't AS MANY spaces as there were during break.

It was as if I was the regular churchgoer who wonders where all these Easter Mass attendees were on the second Sunday of Lent!

When I taught full-time, I always viewed the new semester (no matter how briefly, perhaps) with the joy of starting anew. No matter how bad teaching might have been the previous semester, all was possible again.

Now I sigh that I only have a choice of 50% of the parking lot at 7:30 AM instead of 85%!

Luckily my terms ends August 2010.

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