06 April 2010

Why I am an old fart

1) I utterly do not recognize the following as in any way reflective of my life:

My ability to consume media is all wrapped up in the ability of my media player to be with me when I get a spare moment. My life is not compatible with consuming media at long stretches at a time. I don't plop down in front of the tube - I don't have the time. Life is too busy communicating, collaborating, producing, and sharing. Consumption is fractured, short, episodic, unpredictable, and irregular. (From "Why Cory Doctorow is Wrong about the iPad")


2) I cannot agree more with the following statement by Craig Finn of the Hold Steady, published in Mojo, May 2010:

"...The Brooklyn-based band's new album, Heaven is Whenever, is being pressed on ultra-limited vinyl with a special screenprinted sleeve two weeks ahead of its regular release date of May 3.

'I like digital music,' says Finn, 'but Record Store Day is a nod to something real and very concrete. It's impossible to overestimate the influence of just going into a record store with 15 dollars when I was a youth, and poring over the racks...'"

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  1. Here's the link to the US stores participating in Record Store Day on 17 April: