22 April 2010

The burning question I had yesterday afternoon before seeing...

...the Lincoln Center production of South Pacific last night at the Bushnell was: would I come into the office this morning singing "Some Enchanted Evening" or "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair?"

The winner: NEITHER. I waltzed into Willard Hall with "I'm in Love I'm in Love I'm in Love I'm in love with a WONDERFUL Guy"!

Additional reassuring fact: the 10-year-old daughter couldn't for the life of her figure out what the problem Nellie had with Emil (aside from his being boring). His once being married to a Polynesian woman and having two children with her (may she rest in peace) didn't register with her at all. Thank heavens.


  1. How 'bout thanking the thousands of humans who put their lives on the line at sit-ins, marches, jailhouses, etc.? Other humans, including artists, some of them black-listed for their efforts, also contributed on the cultural side. The change was the result of conscious effort and struggle (which is not over); it didn't just float down from above!

  2. Didn't mean to imply it happened on its own. Point well taken, and, more importantly, poimt understood by the 10-year-old -- thanks to her schooling!