05 April 2010

The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship

So, if Butler U. had won, I would've won the Perry/Gigliotti bracket pool for the very first time -- because only a Duke win could give somebody else more points (tallied from the total number of correct picks weighted as the tournament proceeded) than I had....

Duke won, and, since she'd picked them to win the whole shebang, so did the older daughter. Congrats to her!!!

I have only one comment about the game itself: there was a question about a flagrant foul late in the second half. The announcer (the one who's not Jim Nantz) argued that, from the contact shown on replay, it indeed was not flagrant, and the refs agreed. What I found flagrant was the Duke player's utter lack of help for the fallen Butler player at his feet. I would've rung him up for that (non)move alone. Two shots. (And I'm not a Duke Hater.) In college sports, is it too much to think student athletes could show a little sportsmanship? He doesn't really have to care if his opponent's okay, but he could at least give him a hand getting up from under the basket.

PS: And every basketball player in 2010 travels so much during a game that each one could earn frequent flyer miles.

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