22 April 2010

Funny (but sadly true) line from South Pacific...

Frenchman Emil Lebeque asks the American Nellie Forbush if she took French in school, to which she responds yes. Pleased, he then brings a book to her,

"Oh, so you can read this..."

"No!," she replies abruptly, "I can conjugate some verbs!"

This recalled the Central Authors talk by my colleague Dr. Paloma Lapuerta last week about her series of Spanish textbooks, during which she related how she was spoiled teaching Spanish first in Switzerland and South Africa, where the culture -- and importance -- of learning other languages is very prominent, and the students eagerly soak up new languages.

Then she came to the U.S.!

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  1. I’D Rather Be Hated For Who I Am, Than Loved For Who I Am Not. True Line status