18 April 2010

Playhouse on Park: "I swear on my horse's withers..."

...that I'm not waiting to go to any more shows at POP during their final weekend.

Why, you ask? Because then I can spread the word on how good they are to anybody who can take advantage of the information and go!

This afternoon at POP, I saw Trapezium, a very funny one-act take on the Tristan and Iseult story. Written by crossword-maker Henry Rathvon in iambic pentameter and masterfully directed by Russell Treyz, the play offers Rashomonic perspectives on the famous medieval love triangle...with plenty of laughs, wordplay, ribaldry, and swordplay interruptus along the way. The performances were uniformly hilarious among the five-character cast, although I myself was quite taken by the slacker-ish Tristan (Craig Hanson, above, with Kaytie Morris as Iseult)-- but more likely to actually be the foppishly squealing coward Mullet (Brendan Norton)! Sigh.

The performance was followed by a "talk back" with the actors, director, and playwright, which allowed us in the audience to hear the actors wax rhapsodic about the verse and its technical beauties! If only my literature students could have heard... Sigh again.

So, in short, I'm going to the next POP show early in the run. See you there!


Today's Trapezium at POP marked stop number three on my 10-day theatrical odyssey that began on Friday with the closing weekend of Newington Children's Theatre Company's The Secret Garden (including Saturday's traditional spoof show), and continues on Wednesday with South Pacific at the Bushnell, our daughters' dance recital on Saturday, and conclude with Annie Get Your Gun at the Goodspeed Opera House. So far the trip's been fantastic!

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