18 April 2010

Two quick takes on the results of the Verizon Heritage PGA tournament today

1) Clearly, for the foreseeable future, it's going to be a good time to be a happily-married-with-children-professional-golfer, like Jim Furyk and Phil Mickelson. The networks will want Tiger to play (for the good of the ratings) but not to win (for the good of American families everywhere).

2) Brian Davis brilliantly used golf's masochistic rule book today when, knowing he was unlikely to beat Jim Furyk in the sudden death playoff of the Verizon Heritage Tournament, he declared a violation on himself (in the sand by the rocks near the 18th green). Yes, he hit a twig with his backswing before he hit the ball to the green, but the twig went back to where it was and did not interfere at all with the shot. The ball sailed past the hole by some 30 feet. By calling it on himself, everybody can now talk about his nobility as a golfer -- as opposed to how he choked on his second sudden death shot and missed the green.

GOOD CALL, Mr. Davis!

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