26 December 2009

Santa brought the Gigliotti household a Wii...

...and to my dismay, I'm enjoying it tremendously.

My younger daughter thinks my Mii is a perfect rendering of her father, but I'm not sure how to take that.

I'm boxing my brains out (as it were) and have beaten down the aforesaid ten-year-old TWICE not to mention all the sundry Mii competition!

(Sports I've actually played before -- like tennis -- are at times oddly more difficult than I think they should be. I'm not saying I'm good at real tennis, but I'm pretty sure I've never swung a backhand when the ball was going to my forehand side!?!!? Can't figure out what's going on there. Then again, I'm gettin' strikes and spares at unusually high rates, considering my bowling skills.)

HOWEVER, on the plus plus plus side, according to the undeniably scientific gauge of the Wii fitness age calculation...you're reading the blog of a 31-year-old!

Booyah! Wait 'til my cardiologist hears that!

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