08 December 2009

Another life lesson from tap dance class

In class tonight we were doing, from my (admittedly limited) perspective, a fairly intricate tap sequence, and "Teach" noted that some of us were cheating on it (i.e., not really doing all the moves to make all the sounds...), at which point I was going to ask:
Can I really be cheating if I have no idea what I'm doing?
In other words, I may not have been doing the steps correctly, but I couldn't necessarily even guarantee that -- because I really didn't know fully what steps I was performing! I was just movin' my feet. It's then that I realized the truth about what I tell my students about plagiarism. It is what it is intentional or not. The fact that I couldn't begin to say what my feet were doing was a real good indication that I was cheating. And that was BEFORE we started doin' those blasted turns! Arrgh.
(On re-reading this post, doesn't the question above sound like one of those silly Sex in the City questions posed at some point each episode by Sarah Jessica Parker?)

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