07 December 2009

Quote for the day

Vergil never needed dashes -- or italics -- in his poetry!


  1. But did he ever when a National Book Award? I don't think so.

  2. I believe that the same could have been said about Emily Dickinson before editions based on her manuscripts appeared. With or without--the dashes--she still has not won a National Book Award (although, like many hopeful authors she might dwell in the possibility of an award, the award is not given to nobody). Maybe if Vergil's manuscripts are discovered, he will be found to have used dashes and italics. Dashes or no, though, he will probably not ever win a National Book Award.

  3. No, Jason, but Vergil was THE poet of the Middle Ages. (I would've put the "the" in italics, but I can't do that in the comment box -- damn it!)