11 December 2009

Often I find NPR's "All Things Considered"...

...twee or at least a bit too earnest, like the reviewer last night who was talking about the 2009 Nobel Prize winner in literature, Herta Muller (but with an umlaut). In his description of her work, he said that his hands were almost trembling as he read her prose, a prose so affecting that often he could read no more than a page or two, and sometimes not even more than a paragraph or two at a time! Good thing it was a short book he was using as his example or else next year's winner may have been announced before he finished this year's piece!

Just before I turned off the radio, they were beginning a new segment on the five Americans arrested in Pakistan on their way to a terrorist training camp. (Investment idea to self: Five Guys Burger franchises in war zones.)

This story led me to wonder if the Taliban offers "fantasy training camps" like Major League Baseball does? It'd probably raise a lot of money from middle-aged-wanna-be-terrorists. Well, it's something they might want to consider.

And, if the terrorist training camps are already open, when exactly was the "hot stove" period for them?

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