19 March 2009

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted...

After dinner last night, we had fancy chocolates that our out-of-town guests had brought to share. The selections were of all sorts: cappuccino-flavored milk chocolate with rum-soaked figs, etc…, you get the idea.

Among the assorted descriptions were honey and pistachio Grenache, which I immediately thought would be an excellent name for an exotic dancer sister act.

I can hear the introduction now:

And the Palladium is proud to welcome back, after their extended tour of the Far East,

that dynamic duo of ecdysiasts, the first family of dance, the sweetest pair of sweeties:

Honey and Pistachio

The Grenache Sisters!

IF not strippers, then they’re a pair of elderly widowed sisters who, after early success in silent films and full lives as wives, mothers, and antique dealers, now live together in an upstate NY town and solve crimes.

From Serg’ Protector: A Grenache Sisters Mystery

Police Sergeant: But how’d you figure it out?

Stach: We pretty much knew it was him from the beginning. As Hon knows, Marlon, my beloved husband…

Hon: God-rest-his-soul

Stach: God-rest-his-soul, Marlon always said “Never…”

Hon: “NEVER”

Stach: “Never trust a man who’d waste a good cigar.”

Hon: And each time we’d approach Vanya, he’d recount another example of a close call from which he saved Sergei. Then he’d busily light up a new cigarno matter the condition of the one he was smoking.

Stach: Once we knew that, it was just a matter of finding out how he poisoned the inkwell…

Feel free to add your own Honey and Pistachio Grenache ideas!

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