18 March 2009

Engelbert Humperdinck as The Spirit of the Rock?

Another fine Central Authors talk today.

Emily Chasse, a reference librarian at Elihu Burritt Library at CCSU, has written a new book on storytelling, Telling Tales, forthcoming from Neal-Schuman Publishing, with an accompanying dvd.

At the start of her presentation, she treated us with a story about the Spirit of the Rock's wanting to be free of his hard life so he could experience what he imagined would be a better existence. He, of course, never finds anything that suits him better than his rock, but throughout he cries "Release me! Let me go!"

At the end, I couldn't help mention to her what I thought was almost too obvious to mention: that the Spirit of the Rock sounded exactly like ol' Engelbert, but I was greeted by a whole bunch of blank faces.

No one had thought of the song but me, and I couldn't think of anything but!

Oh, if only the spirits of pop songs past would just "release me, and let me love again!"

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