04 March 2009

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

At the top right hand corner of this blog are ads generated by "AdSense for Content" which, according to Google, "displays ads that are targeted to [this] site's content or audience." (I've made approximately 45 cents, to date, thank you!)

I've had ads for cigars, for UConn, for a history of Armenian atrocities, for "Local Nanny Listings" -- all of which have (in)direct ties to a post somewhere on the blog.

A recent one that puzzles me is for www.mydailymoment.com:

Is your Husband Gay?
Test your Husband with this Quiz & See if He is Gay or Not.

Some questions arise (since I really don't want to go to www.mydailymoment.com):

Is this a multiple choice, a matching, or an essay test?

Does this have anything to do with my prison coach posting?

and, most importantly perhaps,

Should my lovely wife be concerned at all?


  1. I wouldn't say "concerned," just "alert."

  2. I'll forward her your commment, Jason, just to make sure. No need to add to her regrets!